Ocean's 8: No wind, no sail

We all wanted this one to work. With its strong genes and pedigree of the wildly fun Ocean's films starring George Clooney and co., you would think that this film would have it all.  Instead, the doctor hands over the baby with a weak and strained smile..  

What went wrong? This review could take many avenues but because the movie is so fundamentally flawed, I will lay it out quite simply.  Its the classic duo that can make or break: bad writing meets dull performances.

At its core, Ocean's 8 is a tired, cliched film that misses a huge #MeToo opportunity to show snappy and sharp women with edgy dialogue and a storyline that is fresh and inventive.  Instead, we are treated to the same old heist movie. Sandra Bullock's character is even in full make-up and hair as she meets with the parole board at the top of the film.  

It begins with little fanfare.  Sandra Bullock continues to pull out her usual side-eye sarcasm but it falls flat on its head.  With bad writing, even a little music and tricky camera work might aid and abet but this was no where to be found.  Rather the music limps onto screen.   Without the music carrying you up and out, the swells are non-existent and the sail goes flat.  

My hope, after seeing this film, is this that there is group of funny, clever female writers holed away in a room with a laptop bantering around a storyline that is born from the anger they felt when seeing the missed opportunities of this film.